MATCHBOX - a fascination in details




At this site you will find some information about me and my hobby.

I'm a collector of the famous MATCHBOX die-cast models. My collection includes only the regular wheels, the major packs and some yesteryear models. But I'm fascinated by the little differents they have. Although the cars seemed to be exactly the same, if you take an exact look you find sometime these little differents. I'm fascinated by these. So I want to have all of these in my collection. Meanwhile I have many die-cast models - also some to trade or sell.

If you are interested in trading or buying some models, have a look at my many lists by clicking on the left sidebar. If you've found some pieces you are interested in, please contact me by eMail.
We willl discuss the details before I mail the models. If you wish to place an order you need to pay the model-price, the postage and if using PAYPAL some money (depends of amount) to cover PAYPAL fee. I will send the ordered cars after receiving the money.
NEW: An easy way to send me the money is using PAYPAL. You can use your credit card or an U.S. bank account. For more information please contact me.
Otherwise you can send me $$$ or £££ cash in a registered letter.

Now some instuctions on how to read my pages:

All the other pages are written in German.

There you will find some tables of die-cast models. New items are marked with NEU. Some photos are available by clicking on the model name.
In the column "Z" you can see the model-condition. Important points of my grading system are 1,00 (mint); 0,90 (very small factory flaws or tiny chips); 0,80 (very little play wear, slight chipping); 0,70 (greater signs of paint wear, heavier chipping); 0,50 (chipped) and 0,20 (poor).
In the column "Bemerkung" you will find some explanations about details, accessories, boxes and other special information.
In the column "EUR" you will find the model-price in EURO.

Also you will find some links to other collectors and some dates (swap meetings).

Please enjoy my pages and visit again.

At least:
Special thanks to JJ for support to find the right words in english language.